A beautiful engagement – now what?


Congratulations, you’re engaged. Now what?

Every engagement is at its heart, part of an ongoing story of two people. So also, is what happens after the engagement. Wedding planning is typically experienced a little differently between the bride and groom. Our 40 years of experience tells us it probably goes a little something like this:

The Groom

You’ve just made one of the most important decision of your life. It wasn’t hard – she’s amazing! She’s the one that gets every part of who you are and you couldn’t imagine life without her. You went out and bought the ring, found the perfect way to ask her to be yours forever, and she said “yes”. Well done you!  It was an easy decision and the right one. Now you just have to say “I do” – no more decisions necessary. Right?

Well, No. You’re just starting to make decisions. There’s everything from the date of the wedding, to the cake, to the food, to the photographer, to the guest lists, place settings and seating arrangements. You might be relieved that the stress of asking her to marry you is over (she said “yes” after all) but for her, the stress is just getting started.

You’re going to be asked to come along for the wedding planning. Maybe you care about the planning, and maybe you don’t care what the day looks like as long as she’s there with you at the alter, but because she cares,of course you’re going to get involved.

The Bride

You imagined it a million times and then there he was, smiling at you with a ring in his hand, and the rest of the world just melted away. This guy is the one that makes you happier than anyone you’ve ever met, and he just said he wants to be with you forever. Of course you said “yes”! You spent the next few days telling everyone the good news and that’s when it began to hit you. All the congratulations, and the questions, started coming from everywhere. When’s the wedding? Where’s the wedding? Daytime? Night? Who’s the band? What kind of food?  “Is Aunt Ginny flying in? The stress begins to mount. How do you get all these ideas out of your head – some which have been rattling around since you were a little girl – and into action? Its his wedding too. You want his opinions of course.

So, where do you both start? There’s basically two approaches. The first is you can make a list of all the vendors you need and start an endless journey of dozens of calls and visits to narrow your decisions down. The second is you can seek out a company that helps you coordinate all of these decisions and meet with a few of them. Our family owned business, Catering by Uptown, is one of those companies. We’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of brides and grooms to make their day absolutely perfect.

At Catering by Uptown our goal is to deliver all the wedding planning services you need in addition to award-winning catering. Making the single decision to work with us -at either one of our venues or someone else’s – shifts the stress and let’s you enjoy this special time in your life. Our approach is to give you one comprehensive package of services. If we don’t provide a service, we have a proven list of quality vendors to recommend and we guarantee their work.

Brides – you shouldn’t be worried about whether you’ve ordered enough food (how many hors d’oeuvres per person is enough?) the days before your wedding. You should be picking up Aunt Ginny from the airport and taking her to lunch. And Grooms – you don’t want to give up months of weekends with your fiancee visiting countless vendors. You’d rather take her to nice dinners or baseball games – you know, the things you were doing when you fell in love with her in the first place.

Our recommendation is this. Set an appointment to come meet with us for a planning meeting. We’ll walk through our complete set of venues, services, prices and availability. With a vast array of options, we guarantee that planning your wedding with us will be as easy as saying “I Do”, and will give you a lot more of your life back in the meantime.

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